Who is CAPLA?

The Canadian Alliance of Pipeline Landowners Associations (CAPLA) was formed in 2000 to raise awareness among pipeline landowners of issues that are common to all pipelines such as:

  • Pipeline Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Pipeline Construction practices
  • Compensation for land rights
  • Civil and Criminal Liability of Landowners
  • Abandonment of pipeline facilities

We’re farmers like you that have to deal with all of these issues because pipeline companies, with the support of government, have built pipelines through our farms. Pipeline landowners need a strong voice to represent landowner interests to pipeline companies and regulators such as the NEB, and that’s why we formed CAPLA and why we’d like to hear from you.

Did you know....

That the NEB Act requires you to obtain permission from the pipeline company to drive your equipment over the pipeline?

That pipeline landowners were not consulted before the NEB Act and regulations were changed to create land use restrictions on farmland?

That most landowners are not protected by indemnity clauses in right-of-way agreements and may be on the hook for damage caused to and by the pipeline?

That you could be fined up to $1 million and imprisoned for up to 5 years for breaching provisions of the NEB Act and regulations?

That pipeline companies and federal and provincial regulators don't have your interests at heart?